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Earthmoving solutions since 1981.



We provide mass earthwork services and project management in the Dane County area. Common projects include:

  • Subdivisions

  • Rural Roads

  • Parks

  • Ponds

  • Commercial Sites

Grading requires thoughtful planning and execution in order to be as cost-effective as possible. We spend time planning and problem solving before the project begins, so that when we start grading we can avoid problems and delays.We use the latest GPS technology to be as efficient and productive as possible.


We provide tree clearing and grubbing services for new developments and road reconstruction projects in and around Dane County. Our equipment allows us to clear several acres of wooded terrain or remove select trees in urban settings. By performing our own land clearing, we are able to get started on sites as soon as they are ready.


After a site has been put to grade, we finish the job by completing the seeding, mulching, and erosion control measures. By performing our own restoration, we are able to control the schedule and get the project completed ASAP.



In 1966, Joe Moll began working as a mechanic and equipment operator for Hoveland Brothers Construction. Three brothers, Atwood, Milo, and Russell, owned the McFarland-based grading company. Joe worked for the brothers until he purchased the business in 1981, renaming the company Joe Moll Construction. He started off with 3 scrapers, 2 D8 dozers, a Caterpillar 12 grader and 2-3 employees, mainly working on agriculture projects, private site preparation, and custom dozer work.

Kevin Moll, Joe's oldest son, had also been an operator for Hoveland Brothers Construction, working during his summers in high school. In 1984, after graduating from UW Platteville with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Accounting, Kevin joined the family business. The business was incorporated as Moll Construction in 1986. Kevin continued as an operator and in learning how to weld and repair equipment. Kevin kept, and continues to keep, Moll Construction's growing fleet of equipment maintained.

Mike Moll joined the business in 1990 after graduating from UW Platteville with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Mike began working as an operator, moved on to running projects, and eventually left the field to take care of the growing estimating and project management demands.

Dave Moll, the youngest of Joe's sons, joined the family business in 1994, four years after graduating from UW Whitewater with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Dave also began as an operator, then began running jobs, and now he oversees project management and crew scheduling.

Joe and his sons were equal partners in the business as it grew in employees, equipment, and scope of work. Joe sold his share to his sons at the end of 2000. He worked for several more years before retiring completely, leaving the company he had purchased from three brothers in the hands of his three sons.

Today, Kevin, Mike, and Dave continue in Joe's footsteps, maintaining the values of hard work, family, and faith that built Moll Construction. Taking it one day at a time, they aim to keep Proverbs 3:5-6.



Mailing Address

2547 Dyreson Rd

McFarland, WI 53558


(608) 838-8887


(608) 838-2547

Kevin Moll


Cell: (608) 695-5816

Mike Moll


Cell: (608) 770-3002

Dave Moll

Project Management

Cell: (608) 770-3235

Don Johnson


Cell: (608) 695-1507

Valerie Fisher

Administrative Assistant

Cell: (608) 205-7843

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